whatsapp hang message 2018

If you tap on this viral WhatsApp Message, your app will hang.

Nowadays, a WhatsApp message has gone viral a lot amongst the masses which jam their WhatsApp for few seconds.

People are wondering what happened to their phone, is this any kind of virus which causes the hang of the phone or it will affect their phone in future again? Raising a lots questions in their mind.

In that message contains ‘who says your phone doesn’t hang’ and then comes another message followed by it which warns you “don’t touch here” and for some other cases it says “if you touch the black point your WhatsApp will hang”, and there are also a message is being forwarded followed by it which contains “t-touch-here” and a black point along with an emoji.

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At the moment when a user deliberately touch on that message (out of curiosity) which forwarded by his friend or relative, your WhatsApp hangs and you could not have been able to scroll up and down and even go back for a while.

whatsapp hang black dot

This message is being shared widely forward amongst the masses.

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Actually, this message contains some unknown symbols which WhatsApp cannot read and this is why it is invisible to the people. When it converts to the HTML, it shows ‘&rlm:”

That’s a control character which is the cause of the hang. The sources of this message are not being known yet.

There is nothing malicious behind this message but has been composed to irk you for a while.

whatsapp hanging message

Those who have received this kind of messages and worried. It seems totally harmless, need not be worry because it is just a harmless prank message just to vex you or for fun purposes.

It is only affecting Android devices including jellybean, KitKat, and a lollipop. It’s not clear whether the iOS version is also affected by the same bug or not. But the crash does not work on windows phone.

If you want you to escape from that crash simply does not touch it and delete the message as well. Because as you touch it, it will hang your WhatsApp.



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