Mobile gaming took off like never before than it did in 2020. Games of all genres found a place in the top downloaded lists but one game has been there almost consistently. And at the moment it is the most popular game on iPhone. We are talking about Call of Duty: Mobile.

According to a report by Sensor Tower, Call of Duty: Mobile, which is developed by Activision in partnership with Tencent, has seen the most number of downloads on Apple’s App Store. In the month of December 2020, the game was downloaded 16.6 million times. The report says that this has been the best month for the game since November 2019. This time around most of the downloads — about 58.5% — have come from China’s App Store.

Meanwhile, Among Us continues to top the charts. It was the most downloaded mobile game worldwide for December 2020 and saw about 41.2 million downloads. The US and Brazil are the two countries where it was downloaded the most. Among Us was the second most downloaded game on Apple’s App Store whereas the top one on Google Play Store.

Call of Duty: Mobile was the 7th most downloaded game overall in the world and surprisingly didn’t find a place on Google Play Store’s top 10 downloaded games for December 2020. Call of Duty: Mobile in the past few months has hit somewhat of a low with its popularity seemingly on the wane. However, this spike in interest could give a new lease of life for a game that had hit its peak in 2019.

For the uninitiated, Call of Duty: Mobile is a FPS or first person shooter game that can be played in battle royale as well as multi-player mode.


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