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sony xperia R1 and sony xperia R1 plus | receiving android oreo in India

Sony had launched the Sony Xperia R1 and Xperia R1 plus smartphones in India back in October 2017. At the time of the launch of this smartphone. The smartphones were running on Android 7.1 nougat.

However, the company assured that the smartphones would be updated to Android 8.0 oreo. Well, Both the Xperia R1 and Xperia R1 plus are now receiving oreo update.

android 8.0 oreo update

Earlier this week Sony started launching the android 8.0 oreo update. And it adds several new features to the Xperia R1 and Xperia R1 plus. Users can check for the update manually by going to your phone’s setting-about phone-system updates.

Since it is a major software update. Users are recommended to make sure that their device has sufficient charge and space before initiating the installation process.

Users must carry out the installation process using a wi-fi network. Unless they want to exhaust their mobile data pack. If you own the Sony Xperia R1 or Xperia plus, after updating.

xperia r1 plus

You would be able to enjoy some android oreo exclusive features like picture-in-picture mode, notification dots, android instant apps, notification channel, and more.

To give you some insight feature in the picture-in-picture mode allows users to parallelly or simultaneously watch you-tube videos and use other apps.  As similar, this feature is already available in the current version of iOS.

Users can only watch videos running on safari web browser. Apart from this, The you-tube app would not allow any such feature on iOS.

oreo a much better improvement over android nougat

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Well, Another feature that makes oreo as a much better improvement over android nougat In the notification visuals With this feature. Users can view the notifications with much clarity and there are several options provided for each notification.

Always on screen (display)  along with auto-fill are included in oreo update too. Auto-fill lets users login into apps more quickly and easily beside this.

Users can find many other options available for any text selection made on android oreo.

Talking about the ‘smart selection’ feature, it provides users with additional options according to the text selected.

For e.g., if you select an address, then oreo will offer you an option to look it up on maps.

If you have already received the oreo update on you Sony Xperia R1 or Xperia R1 plus smartphone, do let us know about the changes in the comment section.


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