The Runaway Aurora filter challenge on Instagram has become popular. This challenge is somewhat similar to TikTok’s Silhouette challenge.

In the Runaway Aurora filter challenge, users need to pose against the sky and click a silhouette video which will be accompanied by the song Runaway by Aurora as the background score.

Wondering how to become a part of this challenge, here are the step you need to follow:

The whole challenge is in two parts — recording a video using the Runaway Aurora filter and posting it.


Navigate to Reels and choose the Effects option (smiley icon) from the left side of the screen.


From the Effect carousel, scroll all the way until you see a Lens icon. Tap on it and search Runaway Aurora background or Runaway Aurora filter and select anyone from the search result and hit the Try it button


To become a part of the challenge, record a Reel by the camera facing the sky and save it on local storage. Later upload it to your profile using hashtags like #runawayaurora, #runaway, etc for maximum reach.


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