onavo | Facebook-owned onavo launches app that locks other apps

As we know that facebook basically uses for chatting and now people taking it like an advertisement source.

Through this people can do advertisement and so many more thing like a group discussion. Create the page as per your requirements and so on.

Facebook had launched their security app maker Onavo. The data security app maker that acquired by Facebook in 2013. Has launched a new Android app that users used to lock other apps on their devices using a Pattern, pin code or fingerprint.

“Like the others in this space, the ‘Bolt app lock lets you lock down other apps that contain personal,” tech crunch reported late on Friday.

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With the resources of Facebook behind it. Onavo appears to have built a more polished, modern alternative to the existing apps, the report added.

But Onavo and facebook primary interest apparently are not on personal security. But about monitoring users mobile activity and learn. onavo protect for android. What new apps could be taking attention away from the Facebook social network.

The app’s listing on google play explained that onavo would this collects information about your mobile device and the apps installed on it and share that with the Facebook.

How to get this application – onavo

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Facebook always trying to attract people and almost facebook got the success in it. Because day by day Facebook increasing the rate of using people on their website or application

In India, most of the people are using Facebook and in coming year this rate will be increased. So Facebook trying to give the best service to their user’s.

Facebook recently starts advertising “bolt app lock” directly within the Facebook main navigation on ios, under the menu item “protect”.

When clicked, the link would for you to the download page for onavo protect on the app store. The company has also featured a similar “protect” onavo protect for mac link in its facebook app for android in the past.

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