How to measure Blood Oxygen saturation SpO2 level using smartwatches and fitness bands A brand-wise guide

Blood Oxygen level (SpO2) has become a critical factor during this ongoing pandemic. Keep the health concerns in mind, several smart band and watchmakers have started implementing the feature on their devices.

So, if you own a smartwatch or fitness band that comes with the SpO2 measurement feature and wondering how to use it. Then, here’s our brand-wise guide on how to measure SpO2 level on them. Read on:

Things to keep in mind while measuring SpO2 level using smart bands and watches:


Always keep yourself and your hand still while measuring SpO2 level.


Keep your hand on a flat surface for better results


Factors such as hair, tattoos, shaking, low temperature and improper wearing may affect the measurement results

How to use the Blood Oxygen app on Apple Watch Series 6
On your iPhone, open the Health app and set it up, if you haven’t already. Then tap on the Browse tab.
Then Navigate to Respiratory ->Blood Oxygen ->Set up Blood Oxygen. Once done, head to Apple Watch and use the Blood Oxygen app to measure SpO2 level.

In case you don’t find the Blood Oxygen app on your Apple Watch, then find it on the App Store on Apple Watch and download it.

How to measure Oxygen saturation (SpO2) on Amazfit wearables
Swipe left on the dial interface to open the app list. Then select blood oxygen application to start measuring blood oxygen saturation

After the measurement, the watch will display the measurement result.

How to measure Oxygen saturation (SpO2) on Realme Watch
Visit the SpO2 page on Realme Watch and tap on SpO2 option to start the SpO2 measurement. It takes around 30 seconds to generate the measurement result.

How to measure Oxygen saturation (SpO2) on Fitbit wearables
SpO2 measurements on Fitbit devices are a little different than other wearables. There are a few things you’ll need — the Latest version of Fitbit OS and a SpO2 clock face. Once installed, follow the instructions below:

All you need to do is set the SpO2 clock face as default. This will show you details like SpO2, heart rate, step count, floor count, etc. Also, the clock face shows the average value from your most recent sleep session and the highest and lowest values recorded during the session.

This works on Iconic, Sense, Versa, Versa 2 and Versa Lite.

How to measure Blood Oxygen saturation (SpO2) level on Samsung wearables
The feature is only available in Galaxy Watch 3. To measure SpO2 on the watch, open the Samsung Health app on your smartphone and pair your Galaxy Watch 2.

Now, open the Galaxy Health app on Galaxy Watch 3 and head to the Stress option. Tap on the Measure button to get the SpO2 level.

How to measure Blood Oxygen saturation (SpO2) level on Garmin wearables
On Garmin wearables, you can set to continuously measure the SpO2 while sleeping. To do that, follow the steps:

Open the Garmin Connect Mobile app and select the Garmin device. Then tap on Activity Tracking. Then tap on Pulse Ox and choose Pulse Ox Sleet Tracking.

How to measure Blood Oxygen saturation (SpO2) level on Huawei and Honor wearables
Open the Huawei Health app and select the device. Head to Health monitoring -> Automatic SpO2 measurements and enable it. After this, the device will automatically keep a track of your SpO2 level.

You can also check the SpO2 level manually by heading to the SpO2 option and tapping on it.



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