Starting June 1, 2021, Google is set to make unlimited free storage for high-quality photos and videos go away and everything will be counted against the free 15GB storage offered by Google with every Google account. Unless you get the additional storage space by subscribing to Google One service, there’s a definite chance that the free 15GB will get over soon as it is being shared with other Google services as well such as Gmail, Drive, documents, etc.

Google says that it will take users years to fill up the free 15GB storage space and if you are wondering how much time you have left with your existing storage space, Google has built a handy tool right into the Google Account that lets users check the time left with the free storage space in years/month. Read to know how to access the tool and use it.

Active personal Google account

Working internet connectivity

To find out how much time your Google Storage is left, visit photos.google.com/storage and login using Google Account for which you want to check. You will also find a small graph showing the details about which Google service is occupying how much space.

In case you also want to know detailed storage details and manage the data consuming the storage space, follow our guide:


Login using the Google Account for which you want to check the time left


Look for Account Storage option and then click on Manage Storage option


Here you will find a colour coded graph representing which thing is consuming your 15GB storage space and the time


Here’s what the colour represents in the graph

Blue: Google Drive

Red: Gmail

Yellow: Google Photos

You can click on the redirect link icon placed in front of each option which will take you to the respective website from there you can choose to delete your data and free up the storage as per your choice.


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