How Apple iPhone 13s new security feature could be COVID-19 inspired

The upcoming series of iPhones, most probably to be named the iPhone 13, will have an on-screen fingerprint sensor, claims a report by GizChina. Rumours about the inclusion of a new biometric feature by the tech giant into the upcoming iPhone have been circulating for quite a while. The most recent one is about Apple working on an API that supports authentication methods like TouchID and FaceID, as revealed by tipster Mcguire Wood @Jioriku via Twitter.

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The fingerprint sensor could be integrated on to the screen and not under the screen. Apple has relied on FaceID and TouchID as biometric tools for verification till now. Putting an on screen fingerprint sensor could be a sound strategy to counter the face recognition difficulties a mask could give in the times of COVID-19. Since the blighted virus is still out infecting people with no timeline on its eradication, an onscreen fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 13 could be a smart move on Apple’s part. 2021 has already given Apple a good start as 6 out of the 10 most-sold smartphones globally in the month of January have been iPhones, as per a report by Counterpoint Research.

The tipster has also claimed that Apple will ditch the charging interface in the iPhone 13 Pro Max and go for a design devoid of any orifices. Another thing worth considering is that even when Apple is busy on the API, it may be planning to integrate it with the future iPhones and not the next one that’s slated to launch in some months.



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