pixel c

Google has stopped selling the Pixel C Android tablets | The Pixel C has been dropped from the Google Store


pixel c

Pixel c is the 10.2-inch android tablet.It was launched by Google on 8 sep 2015. Quanta (Foxconn) had manufactured it. It had following features or specifications is :

pixel c specifications

storage capacity – 16 32 or 64 GB flash memory

ram – 3 GB

Product family – Google pixel

Operating system – Android 6.0 marshmallow

CPU -1.9 GHz octa-core 64bit ARMV8-A

Pixel capacity 10.2,308 PPI pixel density

Sound – Dual side facing speaker

Camera – Rear -8MP,Front-2MP

Display – LTPS LCD 10.2″

In totality, Its features were pretty solid.Google has sold this device continuously for 2 years.At its launch, it was confounding device.At the initial stage,

its price was very high but it was the good android tablet.its is a very good tablet made by Google.

But unfortunately, its life has come to an end.yes, Google has dropped this android tablet from their play store and there’s no any new tablet to replace it.

They are no longer available for sale.You cannot buy it from google android store.It seems like Google has lost their interest in the Android tablet though Google is planning to continue to support the hardware moving ahead.

Google has stated that“As is common when a device has been out for a few years, we’re now retiring Pixel C and it is no longer available for sale.the company said in a statement. we are committed to updating and supporting it time to time, including the recent update to Android 8.0, so customers can continue to get the best out of their device.

Google has quietly stopped selling the Pixel C Android tablet. The Pixel C has not available in the Google Store.

They had recently launched Google pixel book.It has best parts of laptop and tablet.This will definitely prove to be a multifaceted device.

the price of pixel c (silver ) 64 GB variant is Rs. 99,990 get this price from gadgets.ndtv.com.



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