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google maps | forget blue arrows – google maps lets you navigate as Mario

There is no need to explain about google maps. google is trying to do something new with google maps.

Celebrating Mario day (march 10=mar10=Mario) in style, google maps has partnered with Nintendo to bring Mario to google mario maps on iOS and Android apps.

For a week starting today, one can replace the regular blue navigation arrow with an image of Mario riding a go-kart.

Interestingly, Google encourages safe driving practices and not throw bananas/red shells at other drivers in real life”.

How to navigate as Mario?

google maps

To enjoy Mario time while navigating, make sure your “Mario” google maps app is updated. Notably, this new feature will work with car trips only.

So, now when you pull up driving directions on maps, a new grey “?” logo should appear next to the “start” button. Upon selecting the “?” logo, it will turn yellow with a pop-up asking you to “lets A-Go”.

(there’s nostalgia, and also a hidden easter egg:- upon your first click on the “?” icon, you’ll be hit with nostalgia, however, there’s even a hidden easter egg. When you tap the “?” icon several times (maybe100), you’ll hear a “level up” sound just like the sound on Nintendo’s games.)

Google has surprised us by customizing maps’ appearances before also

Well, this isn’t the first time Google has surprised us by customizing the appearance of Google “Mario” as maps.

Back in 2015, Google maps changed the position marker into either an X-wing or a TIE fighter to celebrate the release of ‘star wars: the force awakens’.

Even last year, for April fools’ day, google maps transformed into ms. Pac-man to prank a lot of people.

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