For those who love to do online shopping, Google may’ve a treat of a feature. Users are always looking for discounts and deals on the internet on various products and are keen to know if there has been a price drop. A new feature on Google Chrome may just help in doing so, but there’s a catch to it.

According to a report by SmartDroid, Chrome for Android (version 90) has a new price tracking feature that will alert users when there is a price drop. Several online reports further reveal that the feature isn’t live for everyone.

A report by 9to5 Google explains how the feature works. The report says that it’s not as simple as “adding a page or product to a list.” Rather the feature works my actually monitoring the price of a product that has be in one of your open tabs. If the feature is activated then Chrome looks for any price drops but users have to the tab with the product open, otherwise the feature won’t work.

If there is a price drop then users will get a notification in either the notification panel or when users open Chrome. The report clearly states that it is unlikely the feature will come to desktop. However, it does mention that iOS app of Chrome may get this functionality soon with the latest version of the app.

Google recently announced a host of new features to the latest version of Chrome.


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