ByteDance Is Going to set up a second corporate entity in India


Chinese App, Tiktok owner ByteDance wants to foothold In India through setting up the second corporate entity. And this is the big betting on India, And this company (TikTok) going to plan to more strength get into the Indian market.

If we take the report of the Economic Times, the new entity is going to provide information technology (IT) And It enabled information or services will provide all over the world to all the platforms.

In this entity, Mainly work will do to create the content for the platform and the problem is that the company is going to face this problem from the various countries all over the world.

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ByteDance, As we know that there is a total of 5 apps portfolios available in it. If I talk about these applications is Video sharing app or Short video maker application is Tiktok, the Second social media app platform which is the helo application.

If we talk about the third Application that is Xigua Video Application, Fourth if we talk about the fourth application that is the content discovery platform.  The last one is the Chinese Version of TikTok, Douyin.

In this Entity, they have 60000 thousand employee workforce And all over the world, the total 15 research And deployment center is available.

ByteDance Workforce

The all the data And technology will transfer to India And According to The Economic Times, The ByteDance wants to increase its workforce in India. According to the source the company wants to create an excellence center over the near term.

In the coming few weeks, the Beijing headquartered company has been expected to file an application to the Indian government and local regulators.

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There are so many controversies Between the two countries like India and China, the Indian Citizens are making wallet war between India And china product. there is a hashtag on trading #boycottmadeinchina Product this the hug tension of the  Chinese company and this hashtag going to more popular as day will end.

Bhartiya people are removing Chinese apps and want to remove their products from their life and this is going to so long.




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