Buying a new smartphone for yourself could be tricky given you have so many choices. With every mobile handset claiming to offer better camera, performance and battery, it can really get very confusing. Having said that, the competition among mobile brands in India have ensured that it is hard to make a bad choice while buying a new smartphone. This means for a certain price range, most phones will offer a similar experience. So, no matter how much it may sound confusing, don’t stress and follow these steps to get the most out of your money spent.

Decide your budget and stick to it

There’s a new phone model to choose with slightly better specs in a price gap of every Rs 2,000. So, if your budget is Rs 15,000, stick to it strictly. The entire marketing campaign is designed to make you spend slightly more for slightly better specs that you may not even need. And by the time you hit the buy button, you end up spending Rs 25,000 instead of your original budget of Rs 15,000.

Make a list of things you don’t need

If you don’t want to buy a seperate wireless charger then there is no point in buying a phone with wireless charging. If you have no plans to buy wireless earbuds, then opt for a phone with 3.5mm headphone jack. If you really don’t care whether your phone takes 1 hour to get fully charged or 1 hours 15 minutes, then drop the idea of choosing a phone with faster charging capabilities. The idea is to skim down on features that you will never use to save costs.

Set real expectations and know exactly what you want

A phone worth Rs 15,000 will never be better than the top-end latest iPhone or flagship Samsung phone. This is where classic influencer marketing comes handy, brands will go to any extent to make you believe unreal gimmicks. At the same time, just clear your mind and focus on what you want and what price you are willing to spend.

Performance of all mid-range processor are identical in real life usage

It is very difficult to feel any difference between using a phone with Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G and 732G. On paper, companies will boast better performance and heat management but just remember there are few basics to understand. There are five categories of mobile processors from Qualcomm. Snapdragon 8, 7, 6, 4 and 2 series processors. Snapdragon 8 series processors are the flagship ones and the most powerful processors from Qualcomm. All 7 series processors are identical in performance. However, if you compare 7 series with 6 series processors, then in phones running 7 series processors, apps open quicker. Snapdragon 4 and 2 series processors are low-end and meant for basic phones.

Remember, the ultimate use of this processor is to run apps. And developers make apps keeping in mind all mobiles running all apps because their goal is to have the most downloads. Developers really don’t have any motive to make games or apps run faster in the latest Snapdragon 7 series processor. Having said that, a lot depends on the software and internet speed that you are using. Even if your phone runs the latest processor, bad software can ruin the experience.

It doesn’t matter whether your phone has 3 or 5 cameras

Even if your phone comes with 5 cameras at the back, you will mostly be using the one sensor and at max use two sensors at the same time for bokeh shots. Don’t believe that your phone will use all five cameras at the same time to click a photo. Your phone will mostly use the primary sensor to do most of the job. Also, secondary sensors of most budget phones are not good enough. As for the battle between 48MP and 64MP cameras, the deal is simple, in real life usage, the difference is negligible.

Battery life tends to decrease over time and you will have to charge your phone daily

Whatever the flashy ads may tell you, remember that the battery life tends to decrease over time. You will not get the same backup after six months of buying a new phone. And ultimately, you will have to charge your phone daily whether it’s new or a year old. So, a few extra mAh really doesn’t count much when you are comparing phones.

You may most likely want to have a new phone after 15 months

Be it newer models, deteriorating performance or simply you are bored, you will most likely change your new phone after 15 months. So, remember this while you are spending on a new phone, especially if you are buying on EMI.

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