amazing facts about technology

3 weird but true facts about technology.

This article is about 3 weird but truly amazing technology facts about technology that’s is really awesome and you can’t hear these facts.


domain name

  1.  Domain name registrations were free till 1995

The Internet is a big requirement for all, now it is necessary after jio launched mostly peoples are using internet Nobody really knew what the internet was capable of back then and this was a huge opportunity for people buy all kinds of the domain names.

It was in 1995 that a company called Network Solutions was granted the rights to charge people for domain names. And it was too expensive: prices typically started at $100 per two years of present it is very cheap now to purchase a domain name.

As much as 30 percent of this was a fee that went to the National Science Foundation to create an ‘Internet Intellectual Infrastructure Fund’. This fee was reversed in 1997, the charge down to $70 for two years.


2. Email existed before the world wide web

many peoples don’t know about this fact that is email existed before the world wide web, yes it’s true you probably don’t even think before composing a one-line email message and sending it. But it wasn’t always so easy it is difficult t use and sends.

There’s an interesting clip on YouTube: “How to send an Email – Database – 1984”. This was from a tech TV show called Database and the presenters demonstrated. you can watch it what it took to actually send an email back in those days.

but now its very simple to compose an email and send. at present many websites are available those provide some specials features but after when you purchased its premium features.


qwerty phones

3. QWERTY was designed to slow down your speed

this fact is really amazing: QWERTY was designed to slow down your speed.There are actually two theories about this. The first is starts to make sense when you look at simple manual typewriters. If someone tried to typing too fast, the keys would jam. QWERTY placed common alphabets at a distance from each other and slowed typists down.

Another theory is the telegraph operators designed the QWERTY layout because it was faster and easier to decipher Morse code.

Either way, there was no reason to keep using the layout, but it stuck and there was resistance to change. You can actually change your keyboard layout to the faster Dvorak layout in the language settings. but now it’s a touchscreen smartphone.



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